Wall Bushing/ Porcelain Electrical Bushing CLB  CWB CWLB Type 10KV 20KV 35KV Supplier

Wall Bushing/ Porcelain Electrical Bushing CLB CWB CWLB Type 10KV 20KV 35KV Supplier

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5.XG brand with 25 year histories
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Product Details

1. Wall Bushing Porcelain Electrical Bushing


Design insulation margin is large,Semiconductor material capacitive screen, maximize the inception voltage, running without PD(partial discharge);

High temperature resistance,flame-proof insulating material.No decomposition, stable electrical performance, no combustion and explosion hazard.

Compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to transport, can be installed at any angle.

Geodesic winding, optimization of mechanical coating design, high bending strength, excellent mechanical properties.

Silicone rubber compound can meet the requirements of different regions.

2. Application surroundings

(1). Ambient air temperatures within the range of -40 degree Celsius to +40 degree Celsius;
(2). Altitude above sea level not exceeding 1, 000m; (If the altitude is higher than 1, 000, it needs adjust. )
(3). Frequency of A. C. Power supply not exceeding 100Hz;
(4). The mechanical load no more than the rated value.

3. Qualified certificate


4. Company service in warranty, lead time and shipment


5. FAQ

(1).    Shipment choice:  By air, by sea or by express (like DHL,FEDEX ….)

(2).    After service: Two years warranty in quality

(3).    Payment option: T/T, L/C, western union and money order all are acceptable


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