customized type high voltage Switchgear unit 12KV 11KV ISO certificate

customized type high voltage Switchgear unit 12KV 11KV ISO certificate

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1. high voltage Switchgear unit 12KV 11KV

11KV 12KV high voltage switchgear unit is widely applied to the power distribution systems of power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile and high-rise building industries. In the large power plants, petrochemical systems, etc. with high automation degree and with interface with computer, the device may serve as a low-voltage power distribution device used in power distribution, motor centralized control and reactive power compensation of power generation and supply systems with AC three-phase frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated operating voltage of 380V (400) (660), and rated current of 4,000A and below.10.jpg


2. Product feature and application 

Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ +45℃

No conductivity dust.

Suitable Altitude: 1000m ~ 4000m

No violent vibration and striking.

Relative Humidity: Daily mean ≤95%, monthly mean ≤90%

No insulation object with devastating metal and corrosive gas.

No explosive danger and fire.

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