KYN28A-12KV indoor Switchgear Metal-clad Draw-out Type Switchgear Cabinet

KYN28A-12KV indoor Switchgear Metal-clad Draw-out Type Switchgear Cabinet

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Product Details

1.KYN28A-12KV indoor Switchgear Metal-clad Draw-out Type Switchgear Cabinet

KYN28A-12 indoor AC metal-clad withdrawable switchgear is a complete set of power distribution devices of 3.6kV ~ 12kV three-phase AC 50Hz single bus or single bus sectional system.

The switchgear is mainly used in power plants, small- and mediumsized power generators, industrial and mining enterprises, and secondary substations of power system for power receiving, power transmission, and startup of large-sized high-voltage motor in order to implement control, protection, and monitor.

The switchgear can be used in conjunction with the VD4 circuit breaker of the ABB company, VS1 circuit breaker, isolation handcart, and voltage transformer. It is really a high-performance power distribution device.

2.Parameter data


3.Product feature and application 

Relative Humidity: ≤85%

Earthquake intensity: :≤8 degree

Altitude:High voltage ≤ 1000 Meter

Application occasions should be free from corrosive, inflammables and vapour.

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