HXGN15-12 (12KV) enclosed SF6 Ring Main Unit Switchgear(RMU)/Power Cabinet/Distribution Boards

HXGN15-12 (12KV) enclosed SF6 Ring Main Unit Switchgear(RMU)/Power Cabinet/Distribution Boards

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Product Details

1.HXGN15-12 (12KV) enclosed SF6 Ring Main Unit Switchgear(RMU)/Power Cabinet/Distribution Boards

HXGN15-12 outdoor metal-clad ring main unit switchgear (intelligent type) applies to three phase AC system with rated voltage 12kV, rated frequency 5oHz, rated current 63oA and for ring network electricity supply and radiation terminal power supply that used as cable line
sectionalizing, branch connection. It is equipped with SF6 gas insulating multiloop power unit and feeder terminal device FTU that imported from Korea. It has functions of remote signaling, telemetry, remote control and fault current detection. This device is mainly used
as distribution automation system for city power supply load center and cable supply.

2.Product design

(1).The framework of cabinet is assembly type. It is stable and reliable with convenient assem-bly. 
(2).lt is with small size, light weight, small footprint, and easy installation.
(3).The ring main unit has barbar room, switch room, control room that separately divided and in secure state. 
(4).The ring main unit could be equipped with FN12-12D, FN25-12D load switch.
(5).The mechanical interlock is advanced and reliable, which could satisfy the requirements of five-anti protection.

Cabinet outline dimensions(mm)


3.Product feature and application 

Ambient air temperature: -15°C~+40°C.

Monthly average≤90%,monthly averange of vapour pressure≤1.8kpa.
Earthquake intensity: ≤magnitude 8.
Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.

Daily average temperature:≤35°C.
Altitude: ≤1000m.
Relative humidity : Daily average≤95% ,daily averange of vapour pressure≤2.2kpa


HXGN15-12 drawings.jpg

5. Factory view


6. Service


7. FAQ

(1). How to order?

A: Send the inquiry with your technical data or tell me your application. We can make recommendation. 

(2). What is lead time and shipment?

A: Shipment term is FOB, CIF,DDU, DDP, CIP. Lead time of products is 3-10 days, if special need, L/T is discussed case by case.

(3).How to pay?

A: By T/T, L/C, cash, PayPal, western union, D/P, D/A and others available

(4).What is Warranty?

A: At least two years promise, some products can extend longer.

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