12KV 1250A SF6 Switchgear Cubicle Manufacturer

12KV 1250A SF6 Switchgear Cubicle Manufacturer

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Product Details

1.12KV 2000a Sf6 Cubicle Type Switchgear 

12kv High Voltage Switchgear is the most fundamental and ideal equipment suitable for substations when it comes to the combination of module, compact miniaturization as well as integrated intelligentialization for the automatic programming termin4vbbvgytal of distribution network, which makes the three-phase linkage, complete-phase operation , continuous power supply as for the transformer possible.

2. Product application.

(1). It can be manual, motor-operated and the maintenance is free, which means the corresponding reduction in costs of the personnel’s maintenance.

(2). It can be equipped with remote control devices to achieve the four remote functions.

(3). It is widely applied in various parks, plants, railway stations, wharves, hotels, villas, residential areas and many other places.


3. Product Highlight

(1). It can significantly improve the reliability rate of power supply, reduce the time needed to restore the power supply to dozens of seconds in those fault sections. In other words, there is no need to waste time in patrolling the lines.
(2). The relative technologies are reliable, flexible, and easy to understand. 
(3). The vacuum circuit breaker is ultra-small but is pretty reliable and durable. 
(4). It is double-door, and the technology of natural cooling is also adopted throughout the production process of this kind of transformer.
(5). Fully sealed and insulated cable connectors are widely applied in terms of high-voltage lines. 

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