6KV 6.6KV 11KV Medium Voltage Metal-enclosed Switchgear Cabinet/cubicle Manufacturers

6KV 6.6KV 11KV Medium Voltage Metal-enclosed Switchgear Cabinet/cubicle Manufacturers

GB and IEC standard is available
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ME1. 6KV 6.6KV 11KV Medium Voltage Metal-enclosed Switchgear Cabinet/cubicle 

6KV 6.6KV 11KV Medium voltage metal enclosed switchgear is a complete set of power distribution devices for 3.5kV ~ 12kV with three-phase AC 50Hz single bus ,single busbar with bypass system or dual bus system for power receiving and transmission. It can meet the request for all kinds of power plants, substations or mining and industrial enterprises. 

This switchgear is indoor device, which can be equipped with various models of the main circuit breaker, with the features of double-sided maintenance, and  vertical self-stand installation, it is especially for frequent operation occasions.


2. Product application 


Daily average temperature(Within 24h): ≤+35℃

Ambient air temperature : -5°C ~ +40°C;

Relative humidity: winthin 24h, daily average value ≤ 95% , daily average vapor pressure≤ 2.2KPa; monthly average value ≤90%, monthly average vapor pressure≤ 1.8KPa

Ambient air is not significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive and / or flammable gas, vapor or salt contamination.

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5. FAQ 

(1). How to order the products?

Send your product name, model and drawing and let us confirm the right one, and recommend and make a good offer.

(2). About lead time and shipping time?

Usually it is 3-10 days, if quantity is big, lead time will be extended.

(3)Life span of our XG brand?

Generally we promise two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.

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