Outdoor Use Class H Dry Type Step down power transformer 6.6KV 13.8KV 11KV 35KV

Outdoor Use Class H Dry Type Step down power transformer 6.6KV 13.8KV 11KV 35KV

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Product Details

1.Outdoor Use Class H Dry Type Step down power transformer 6.6KV 13.8KV 11KV 35KV

Our power transformers are especially suitable for installation in draw-out type or fixing type switchgears as well as for power plants, substation, self-consumption transformers, power distribution, transmitter system, earthing system, community power supply system, subway, or those places where small space, fire-control, moisture-proof, are needed. Those up to 10kV can be installed in 650 ~ 1200 mm wide switchgear, up to 20kV in a 1000mm wide switchgear and 35kV in 1400 ~ 1600 mm wide switchgear.

Our series reactors are suitable for a power system of 6~10kV.They are connected serially with high voltage parallel capacitor group to depress a wave deformation in the system.


2. Product highlight 

Low loss, low noise, high operation efficiency
High ability of protection against short circuit

High mechanical strength   
Pre-galvanized steel frame, flame-resistant, against corrosion

With outstanding fire-proof capability: the epoxy resin is difficult to flame and self-extinguished. So it won’t lead to the second disasters, such as an explosion.

Superior in environmental performance: the epoxy resin is very stable, moisture-proof and dust-proof. It enables dry-type power transformers to run with high reliability under abominable environment.

With small volume, light and convenient for installation and alignment.

No need of a separated room.

3. Material

Insulation Material: epoxy resin

Winding Material: Aluminum wire or high quality enameled copper wire (foil winding is available for power transformer)

Core: core lamination, low loss, cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel 

4. Technical detail 

Rated Primary Voltage: 6kV up to 35kV

Rated Secondary Voltage: 0.4kV

Rated Capacity: 3kVA up to 2500kVA

Rated Short-time P. F. Withstand Voltage (r.m.s.) (kV): 20, 25, 35, 50, 70

Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak) (kV): 60, 75, 125, 170

Phase No.: single phase or three phases

The Highest Temperature Rise of Windings: 100K

Insulation Class: F

Cooling Mode: AN or FN

Enclosure Protection: IP00, IP20 or custom specified

Connection Symbol: Yyn0, Dyn11or II0 or custom specified

HV Tapping Range (%): ±5 or ±2×2.5

5. Delivery, shipping and service


6. FAQ

(1). How to order the products?

Send your product name, model and drawing and let us confirm the right one, and recommend and make a good offer.

(2). About lead time and shipping time?

Usually it is 3-10 days, if quantity is big, lead time will be extended.

(3)Life span of our XG brand?

Generally we promise two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.

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