Outdoor Used Type Current and Voltage Combined Transformer (metering unit) for meter and protection 33KV 10KV

Outdoor Used Type Current and Voltage Combined Transformer (metering unit) for meter and protection 33KV 10KV

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1. Outdoor Used Type Current and Voltage Combined Transformer

JLSZY metering unit is three phase three elements Y/Y combined instrument transformer.

It is the ideal product for urban rural reformation.

Its excellent arc resistance, UV-resistance, aging resistance and water proof, dust proof make it an ideal product for electric metering.

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3.  Application 

This combined instrument transformer is for use with electrical measuring instruments and electrical protective devices. It consists of a current transformer and a voltage transformer in the same case.

Our combined instrument transformer is especially suitable for HV metering, to do so, two voltage transformers shall be connected in V type, while two current transformers connect serially to phase A and C. The instrument transformer can be fixed on the post of transmitting line. The secondary output connects directly to an independent HV metering box. Users can choose certain connection in accordance with different conditions.

Rated Voltage (kV): up to 35kV

Rated Primary Current: up to 1000A or custom specified

Rated Secondary Current: 5A

Accuracy Class: up to 0.2s for metering; up to 0.2, 0.5 for protection

Rated Frequency: 50Hz (60Hz on request)

Installation: outdoor

Insulation Material: epoxy resin and silicon jel

Winding: high quality enameled copper wire

*Except for the technical parameters list above, we can design as per clients’ requirements.

A metering unit consisting of one CT and one VT

With small volume and good performance

Multi-taps at the secondary windings, which makes different current transformation ratio for the current exchange of customers while power consumption increasing

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(3)Life span of our XG brand?

Generally we promise two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.

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