FXBW type 10KV-110KV Porcelain Insulator  For Electricity Usage

FXBW type 10KV-110KV Porcelain Insulator For Electricity Usage

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Product Details

1. FXBW type 10kV-110kV Porcelain Insulator  

FXBW type 10kv-110kv porcelain apply to nominal voltage of frequency AC 40.5kV~110kV system,power distribution unit , power station electrical equipment as current-carrying part and supporting. operating temperature for post insulator is -40°C~+40°C.

2. Design features

Porcelain post insulator is solid construction with cylinder sand on cementing part.The porcelain body was bond with metal part by cement.Brown glaze color on porcelain surface which also can be white or gray as per customer’s requirement.

3. Product features

To ensure mechanical strength and heat stability we adopt high strength ceramic formula contenting higher aluminium oxide. As per drawing and standard requirement,all post insulator will conduct visual dimension ,geometric tolerance ,ultrasonic test and four-way bending test one by one.

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