The Function of auto recloser

- Jul 18, 2019-

The Function of auto recloser

The specification describes the structure, function and installation method of the dividing switch.  2 equipment composition  The product is made up of two parts: boundary switch body and intelligent control device. The two parts are connected electrically through outdoor waterproof control cable and aviation connector, and the whole equipment is free of maintenance. A disconnecting switch can also be arranged on the boundary switch body. The product of intelligent control device installation instructions put into another. 

As shown in the following figure:  Through accessories matching, it can realize optical fiber, CDMA or GPRS wireless, twisted wire and many other ways of communication.  3 main functions:  Automatic excision of single phase to ground fault  Automatic isolation interphase short circuit fault  Fast locating fault point  Monitoring user load  Remote operation function 

 GB 1208-2006 current transformer  4.2 intelligent control unit  Basic test methods for GB/T 7261-2000 relays and devices  The twenty-first part of the GB/T 11287-2000 electrical relay measures the vibration, shock, collision and seismic tests of relays and protection devices. First vibration tests (sinusoidal)  Impact test and collision test of GB/T 14537-1993 measuring relay and protection device  GB/T 17626.4-2008 electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technique - Electrical fast transient pulse immunity immunity test .

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