the brief introduction to GCS low voltage switchgear

- Oct 28, 2019-

Usage and Scope

, not lower than -35.
2) Atmospheric conditions: The air is clean and the relative humidity is no more than 50% at the maximum temperature of + 40
III. Basic Parameters
1) Main circuit rated voltage (V)               AC 380 (660)
2) Auxiliary circuit rated voltage (V)            AC 220, 380 DC 110, 220
3) Rated frequency (Hz)                            50 (60)
4) Rated insulation voltage (V)                      660 ( 1000)
5) Rated current (A) <6300
2. The Main Technical Performance Indicators
1) Busbar rated short-time withstand current (kA/ls)   50,80,120
2) Bus rated peak withstand current (kA/0.1s)        105,176,260
3) Power frequency test voltage (V/lmim)
    Main circuit 2500 auxiliary circuit 2000
3. Structural Characteristics

2) The main frame are two types, a fully assembled structure and a part (side frame and beam) welded structure.

4) The horizontal busbar adopts the layout of the rear arrangement of the cabinet, and the ability of the strong busbar to withstand the short-circuit current and voltage, so that the device can withstand the steady current of 220KA.

6) - A drawer is a functional unit.

8) The change of the drawer size is only the height change, and the width and depth dimensions must not be changed at will. The drawers of the function unit can be interchanged.

10) The drawer inlet and outlet lines are connected to different connectors of the same specification chip structure according to the current.

12) The transfer of the unit drawer and the cable compartment is carried out according to the current binning.

14) The drawer unit is equipped with a mechanical interlock.










2. Use Precautions
1) The GCS series cabinets are operated on the front side, and the maintenance channels are required after the low-voltage distribution cabinets for double-sided maintenance.
2) After installation and maintenance, the isolation between the rooms and between the functional units must be strictly checked to ensure good functional separation of the device and prevent faults from expanding.
3) Personnel performing operations, inspections and maintenance must be professionally trained and qualified professionals.
Our factory provides the following documents and accessories when supplied
1. Packing list.
2. Product certification.
3. Instruction manual.
4. Factory test report.
5. Relevant electrical drawings.

<span style=";font-family: "&font-size: 18px">6.Cabinet door keys, operating handles and spare parts specified in the contract.