MNS 400V Low voltage cabinets

- Sep 20, 2019-

MNS-0.4 is designed to meet the requirements of the electrical users with high technical performances. It adapts the development and needs of electricity market and also competes with the existing low-voltage switchgears. At present the product has been used widely in power plants, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, textiles and high-rise architecture, and the distribution systems in other industries. The product services in the power system of generation and supply of rated voltage of 380V (400),(600), rated current of4000A, below three-phase AC, frequency of 50(60) HZ, and the following of the electricity supply system of distribution, motor centralized control and reactive power compensation. The product meets the standards of GB7251 JB/T9661 and IEC60439-1.

1) Introduce ABB's advanced technology to improve the product structure.

(2) Cabinet is made of C-shaped universal joint with 25mm modulus to form various cabinet structure and drawer units to meet various needs.(

3) MCC cabinet has a large number of high-intensity flame-retardant engineering plastic components, which makes it more safety and reliable.

(4) To prevent the power switch in the state with a load under the brake, improve its security.

(5) In addition, the cabinet is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate after passivation assembly.

(6) OEM and ODM acceptable.