How to select the type of surge arrester and Features of surge arrester

- Jul 17, 2019-

How to select the type of surge arrester

From the type specification of surge arrester, you will see every words stands for a special meanings for surge arrester, so you can select the type of surge arrester from this meanings as below.


Product Features of surge arrester:

1.      Small in size ,light in weight ,durable in collision ,clash and breakage free in transportation, easy in installation, suitable for application in the switchboard;

2.    Special structure, integrated extruding shaping ,without air gap, good sealing performance, damp prevention;

3.    Long creepage distance, good hydrophobicity performancestrong pollution resistance abilities ,and stable performance, reducible in operating maintenance;

4.    Zinc oxide resistor disc in special formula, small leakage current, slow aging speed. long service life

5.    The actual DC reference voltage, square wave discharge capacity and heavy current tolerance value are all higher than the state stardards.

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