How to install drop out fuse?

- Oct 17, 2017-

                                        How to mount drop out fuse?

Today we will introduce our products drop out fuse and let you know how to mount the drop out fuse and why use drop out fuse?

Drop out fuse (8).JPG

Here I imperatively say two points as below:

How to mount drop out fuse?

(1). Take cut out fuse on the bracket and fix it by bolts.

(2). Set the cut out fuse to the position where is operated most easily and fix it safely and reliably.

(3). Once mounting, you should take the upper and lower wiring nut down and connect the connecting wire with upper and lower joint clamp of fuse cutout firmly. 

(4). Check all parts quickly and make sure it is qualified.

Why use drop out fuse?

(1). Low minimum breaking current,low power losses and low arc-voltage.

(2). High breaking capacity and effective short-circuit prospective current limitation.

(3). Fuses are the fatest overload protection devices for high short-circuit currents.

(4). Applying the superior insulating material,large creepage distance and suitable for different environments.

(5). Compliance to IEC60282-2 standard for full voltage ratings.

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