How to do inspection of voltage transformer JDZX10

- Nov 21, 2019-

How to do inspection of voltage transformer JDZX10

When we inspect the voltage transformer JDZX10 type, we need carefully do visual inspection and Insulation performance checking.

(1), visual inspection

- Check whether the package is in good condition and whether the documents are complete when unpacking.

- The surface is not damaged, and the nameplate data is consistent with the techincal requirements.

(2), Insulation performance checking

- Power frequency withstand voltage 3kV / 1min. (Primary winding ground (N) to secondary winding and earth)

- Power frequency withstand voltage is 3kV / 1min. (Secondary winding to secondary winding and earth)

- For Induction withstand voltage test, rated excitation voltage is applied to secondary winding (a.n) terminal, and then primary winding (A) terminal induces the specified voltage value. (Acceptance is 80% of the factory test).

- Error data is equal to the factory testing data.

- Insulation resistance measurement should be bigger than 100MΩ.

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