GW outdoor type isolator

- Aug 02, 2019-

1. Overview of GW type isolator 

GW-33W series isolator is used in high voltage household appliances for conversion and isolation circuits usage. The products meet the requirements of IEC standard 60060.

GW-33W series H.V. isolator is mainly suitable for rated voltage 33-40.5KV,  Rated frequency 50Hz distribution power system. Generally this type isolator is equipped with CS manual operation mechanisum. It is used into open & close the circuit under the circumstance of that with voltage, without load.

2. Product Structure and working principle of GW type isolator 

This isolator is 3 phase combined type knife switch, it consist of the base, insulator and conductive part, The base is composed of rotating shaft, bending plate and Angle steel welding, and the base is fixed with 6 insulators, each two of insulator is composed of one pole.and the center spacing between the phase is 650mm. Three operating insulators are mounted on the shaft to operate opening &Closing movement of three-phase knife, besides, the conductive part is composed of static contactor, contactor cutter and contactor pedestal.

When tripping, the operating arm drives the rotating shaft to rotate, so that the operating insulator pushes up against the knife to separate the knife and the contact head, and the knife rotates around the contact seat and turns together to the closing position.

This isolator is operated with CS manual operation mechanisum, and this operaton mechanisum can be installed in left side or right side. 


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