FN5 load break switch outline and drawing

- Sep 12, 2019-

FN5 load break switch outline and drawing

1 Basic structure

This load break switch is similar to others, it included base support, insulators and contactor, ect.if need earth knife, you need to install interlock device, 

2 arc process of load break switch

When load break switch is closed, the main circuit is connected in parallel with the auxiliary circuit, and most of the current flows through the main circuit. And when the load break switch sub-gate,the main circuit off at first, the current only through the auxiliary circuit. As the switch continues to move, so that the arc within the arc tube compressed to a certain limit position, the arc is produced because the dynamic arc quickly separated from the static arc, so that the arc produce a certain amount of gas, so the arc quickly extinguished.

3 break and close of brake

The load switch chassis is equipped with a rotating shaft, the shaft is connected with the insulation rod, the spindle rotates to move the knife. The side of the chassis is equipped with spring device, and the operation turntable, driven by the operating mechanism to compress the spring energy storage, after the dead point, the spring energy release, acting on the shaft, to achieve fast break and close of brake

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