3 phase pole mounting Auto recloser with controllor

- Aug 06, 2019-

3 phase pole mounting Auto recloser with controllor

ZW32 VCB is a new product developed by our company according to the development of the power distribution industry and the needs of users. It is a new intelligent switch composed of circuit breaker and controller. It can be used as recloser, sectionalizer and circuit breaker, and is widely used in variable power distribution lines. Also be used independently for small and medium-sized substations and substations. Combined with other switchgears can automatically cut off and isolate faults, automatically transfer power, and restore power. Through the telecontrol device, it is connected with the DCS system of the main control room, which can realize four remote functions such as remote control, remote signaling, telemetry and remote adjustment to realize distribution automation.


1smart controller


quick break protection overcurrent protection three reclosing acceleration after recloser

Surge flow protection zero sequence protection event record real-time status query

GSM SMS control Professional background operation (GPRS, fiber optic)

Intelligent handheld computer control remote control switch (distance ≥100 meters)

Function expansion:  self-supplied power supply after power failure; small current grounding protection, etc


Connect 485/232 communication interface, or smart handheld, GSM short message wireless;

Acceleration function:  When the switch coincides with a permanent fault, it will speed up the trip;

delay time can be adjusted;

Circuit adopts anti-misoperation design and has anti-jump function;

Zero sequence current can distinguish between regional and out-of-zone faults;

The remote control switch is designed to prevent misoperation;