HZW13-40.5KV 36KV 35KV 33KV Load Break Switch  Outdoor Type

HZW13-40.5KV 36KV 35KV 33KV Load Break Switch Outdoor Type

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1. Description of HZW13-40.5kv 36KV 35KV 33KV Load Break Switch Outdoor Type

HZW13-40.5 electrical devices which has three phases of 40.5KV Rated voltage and 50Hz rated frequency is applied to break or close load current, loop current, no-load transformer, no-load cable charging current and closing short-circuit current. It equips with grounding load switch that can endure short-circuit current. It is mainly used for control and short circuit protection in industrial equipment and city distribution .


2. Environmental condition

Suitable Altitude: 1000m ~ 4000m

No conductivity dust.

No insulation object with devastating metal and corrosive gas.

No violent vibration and striking.

Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ +45℃

Relative Humidity: Daily mean ≤95%, monthly mean ≤90%

No explosive danger and fire.

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