FZW28F-12KV 11KV 24KV Outdoor Vacuum Load Break Interrupter Switch

FZW28F-12KV 11KV 24KV Outdoor Vacuum Load Break Interrupter Switch

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Product Details

1.FZW28F-12kv 11kv 24kv 22KV Outdoor Vacuum Load Break Interrupter Switch

FZW28F-12 outdoor vacuum load break switch is pole mounted handle and motor free maintenance switch, which adopt vacuum arc extinguish and SF6 insulation medium. It conforms with IEC6 2271-103 & GB/T3804: High voltage AC load break switch. This load break switch (switch and controller) have function of fault checking, protection and communication.


2.Parameter list

1Rated voltageKV12
2Insulating level1 min power frequency withstandKVDry42/49
Lighting impulse withstand75/85
3Rated frequencyHZ50
4Rated currentA630
5Rated short-time withstand current and lasting timeKA/4S16/4
6Rated peak withstand currentKA40
7Rated short circuit closing currentKA40
8Mechanism lifeTimes10000
9Net weightKg210

10Rated input voltageAC220V
11Input operating voltage frequency50Hz
12Input operating voltage allowable swing range220(1±20%)
13Power consumption<10W
14Sampling phase input current60A~600A(primary value)adjustable
15Low voltage operating value10V~140V(secondary value)Un-adjustable
16Input current allowable sampling error±5%
17Over current protective operation delay time0.1s~0.3sUn-replaceable
18Zero sequence current value0.2A~0.6A(primary value)Replaceable
19Earthing operation delay time0s~1200sReplaceable

3.Product application 

(1). Altitude: ≤2000m;
(2). Ambient temperature: -45℃ ~+40℃;
(3). Wind speed: ≤35m/s;
(4). Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree;
(5). Relative humidity: monthly average ≤90%, daily average ≤95%;
(6). Ice thickness: ≤10mm; 
(7). Applicable occasions should free from inflammable, explosives and severe vibration.

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