RW10-12F 11 Kv 200a Drop Out Fuse Cutout

RW10-12F 11 Kv 200a Drop Out Fuse Cutout

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Product Details

1. Product description of RW10-12F Drop Out Fuse

Drop out fuse cut out and and load switching fuse cutout are of outdoor used high voltage protective device.

To be connected with incoming feeder of distribution transformer or distribution lines, it mainly protect transformer

or lines form short circuit and overhead, and on/off loading current. 

2.Parameter of RW10-12FDrop Out Fuse


3.Product feature

1.Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 40 ℃;

2.The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

3.The wind speed is not more than 35 m/s

4.Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;

5.The fuse cutout shall not apply to the following places:

a. Area subject to fire or explosion hazards

b. Area subject to strenuous vibration or shock

c. Have different electrochemical gas effect and seriously polluted air,salt-spray area.

4. Product qualification 


5. Factory show of XG company


6. Deliver, shipping and service


7. FAQ

1. How to order the products?

Answer; Send the inquiry with detail item description or your technical data. we can make same or the best recommendation.

2. About lead time and shipping time?

Answer : Generally 3-10 days in normal order, if special request, We can finish accordingly.

3Life span of our XG brand?

Answer: Generally we promise two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.

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