RW10-12 12kv 100a Fuse Drop Out Fuses Price

RW10-12 12kv 100a Fuse Drop Out Fuses Price

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Product Details

1. Product description of RW10-12 Drop Out Fuse

Outdoor drop out fuse device RW10-10F is suitable for power system of voltage 35kV, frequency 50Hz. As the protective device in the power system, it is used to make and break load current, overload current and short-circuit current of transmission line and power transformer.Mechanical life is equal to or more than 2000 times.

2.Parameter of RW10-12 Drop Out Fuse


3.Product feature

  • Altitude:not exceed 1000m

  • Ambient temperature:not higher than +40°C,not less than -30°C

  • Wind speed:no more than 35m/s

  • The installation should be free from fire,explosion,severe vibration,chemical corrosion and serious pollution

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