exported type 6.2KV 7KV 10KV12KV 35KV drop out HRC fuse supplier

exported type 6.2KV 7KV 10KV12KV 35KV drop out HRC fuse supplier

Every step is strictly examined by QC dept.
2 years quality guarantee after shipment
Product diversification for electrical power distribution
Above china national standard
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Product Details

1. 6.2kv 7kv 10kv 12kv 35kv drop out HRC fuse

11kV-36kV drop out HRC fuse offer reliable mechanism for providing circuit protection in distribution systems for voltages ranging from 11kV to 36kV. 

It is designed to be installed outdoors for vertical cross arm or pole mounting.We manufacture the expulsion fuse cutout in both Porcelain & Silicone rubber insulators.

Standards: IEC 600282-2.

2. Features

High over-current protection capability, high breaking current.

High quality on strict testing.

High industrial frequency withstands voltage, and mechanical strength, etc.

3.Product parameter 

TypeRated voltageRated currentBreaking currentImpulse voltagePower-frequency withstand voltageLeakage distanceWeightDimensions
 fuse cutout3610060001707072015.566*37*17
 fuse cutout3620080001707072015.5

4. Working condition  

Seismic intensity is not more than 8 degrees

Surrounding temperature is not higher than +40 ° C, not lower than -30 oC

Wind speed is not more than 35 m/s

Sea level height is not more than 1000 meters

Installation places without frequent violent vibratio

5. Prodcut Type 


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