GW5-72.5KV 3500A Outside Type 3 Phase SF6 Disconnect Isolator Switch

GW5-72.5KV 3500A Outside Type 3 Phase SF6 Disconnect Isolator Switch

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Product Details

1. GW5-72.5kv 3500a 3 Phase SF6 Disconnect Isolator Switch

GW5 series outdoor high voltage isolator switch is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, 10kV/15kV/20kV rated voltage outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment. For high voltage transmission line non-load shifting, and the maintenance of high-voltage Busbar, electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and electrical isolation of live high voltage line. Can also be divided into a small capacitor and the inductor current. 

Its structure design simple, and reasonable, used copper and the aluminum annex, and stainless steel tight firmware and the hot plating zinc base,

2.Product Parameter of Disconnect Isolator Switch






 Rated voltage


12, 40.5, 72.5, 126


Max working voltage (KV)


12, 40.5, 72.5, 126


Rated current



3. Product feature of Disconnect Isolator Switch

Free maintenance and long service life

Good compatibility

Stable and reliable performance

Suitable for occasions with frequent operation.

4.Technical detail of Disconnect Isolator Switch


5. Product qualification of Disconnect Isolator Switch


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