customized 12KV 15KV 20KV 33KV 40.5KV 72.5KV  Indoor Electric Disconnector Switch

customized 12KV 15KV 20KV 33KV 40.5KV 72.5KV Indoor Electric Disconnector Switch

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Product Details

1. GN19 Indoor Electric Disconnector Switch

Indoor disconnect switch is a indoor type electric disconnect switch, rated voltage 12kv 15kv 20kv 33kv 40.5kv 72.5kv , three phase, AC 50-60Hz.  Used for breaking and isolating the circuit, maintenance personnel can clearly see whether the circuit is separated, to ensure their safety.  The innovative structure of disconnector is also fabricated with an earthing switch. It's quality reaches a international IEC standard.

 2.Product Parameter of GN19 Disconnector Switch

ModelRated voltage(kV)Rated current(A)Rated short-timewithstand current(kA/4s)Rated peakwithstand current(kA)
GN19-12/400-12.5       1240012.531.5
GN19-12/630-20       126302050
GN19-12/1250-31.5       12125031.580
GN19-12C/400-12.5       1240012.531.5
GN19-12C/630-20       126302050
GN19-12C/1000-31.5       12100031.580
GN19-1C2/1250-31.5    12125031.580

3. Product feature OF GN19 Disconnector Switch

Stable and reliable performance

Good compatibility

Free maintenance and long service life

Suitable for occasions with frequent operation.

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