LZZBJ9 10KV 11KV 12KV 33KV 35KV High Voltage Dry Type Current Transformer for Metering usage

LZZBJ9 10KV 11KV 12KV 33KV 35KV High Voltage Dry Type Current Transformer for Metering usage

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Product Details

1. LZZBJ9 10kv 11kv 12kv 33kv 35kv High Voltage Dry Type Current Transformer

The indoor high altitude LZZBJ9-35 current transformer of epoxy resin cast insulated and totally-enclosed structure is intended for power measurement, current monitoring and relay protection in the line of up to 35 kV and AC 50-60 Hz. The current transformer made from high temperature indoor epoxy resin, amorphous alloy core for metering and high quality core for protection, primary and secondary use pure electrolytic copper, both winding and core have shielding processing.

-- It is applicable to air insulated switchgear.

-- It conforms to GB 1208-2006 and IEC 185 standards.

The LA(LFZB-10) types of current transformer is full sealed post structure,

suitable for 50Hz 35kV outdoor power system as electricity metering and protection.

2. Working Conditions 

Installation mode: outdoor type

Ambient temperature: -25'C - +40'C (outdoor) -5'C - +40'C (indoor)

Highest altitude: 2000m

Installation site: in places without corrosive gases and obvious dusts

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