LW8 type 40.5KV outdoor Type Pole Mounted SF6 Automatic Circuit Recloser Switches

LW8 type 40.5KV outdoor Type Pole Mounted SF6 Automatic Circuit Recloser Switches

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Product Details

1. Introduction of LW8 type 40.5KV SF6 Automatic Circuit Recloser Switches

 SF6 type sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker is three-phase ac 50 hz, outdoor high voltage electrical equipment is suitable for the 40.5 KV power transmission and distribution system control and protection, Also can be used as a contact circuit breaker and movable capacitor group. 

2. Product parameter data

 No.Content UnitData 
 1Rated voltageKV40.5
2Rated currentA2000
3Rated frequencyHZ50
5Rated short circuit breaking currentKA31.5
6Rated short-circuit current (peak)KA50
7Rated short-circuit withstand currentKA20
8Rated short circuit closing current(peak)KA50
9Electrical life of rated short circuit breaking current times30
10Rated short circuit durations4
11Rated line charging close currentA31.5
12Rated operation sequence
13Split timems≤60
14Closing timems≤100
15Velocity of rigid compositem/s3.2
16Velocity of rigiditym/s 3.4
17Mechanical lifetimes6000
18Quality of each circuit breakerkg1400

3. Working application

Relative humidity:daily average relative humidity: ≤95%;monthly average relative humidity≤90;daily average saturated vapor pressure ≤2.2KPa;monthly average value   ≤1.8KPa

Earthquake intensity:≤8 degree

Ambient temperature:-30℃~+40℃


Air pollution level:Ⅲ

Wind pressure:≤700Pa

The installation should be free from fire, explosion, severe vibration, chemical corrosion and serious pollution

4.Technical detail


5. Factoryqualification


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