LW8-40.5KV 35KV Outdoor Types SF6 Circuit Breaker Manufacturers for Power Supply Transmssion System

LW8-40.5KV 35KV Outdoor Types SF6 Circuit Breaker Manufacturers for Power Supply Transmssion System

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Product Details

1.Factory made LW8-40.5KV 35KV Outdoor Types SF6 Circuit Breaker

 LW8A-40.5 circuit breaker which is outdoor type finds its universal range of applications for the electrical system with elevation not greater  than 2000m,ambient temperature not lower than -30℃,dirtiness grade not high than IV, alternating current 50Hz and the maximum voltage 126kV. It is used for cutting the rated current, malfunction current or switching the circuitry, to control and protect the electrical system ,and it can also be used for connecting with the circuit breaker.

2.Parameter List

 No. Item  UnitData 
1Rated voltageKV40.5
2Rated currentA2000
3Rated frequencyHZ50
5Rated short circuit breaking currentKA31.5
6Rated short-circuit current (peak)KA50
7Rated short-circuit withstand currentKA20
8Rated short circuit closing current(peak)KA50
9Electrical life of rated short circuit breaking current times30
10Rated short circuit durations4
11Rated line charging close currentA31.5
12Rated operation sequence
13Split timems≤60
14Closing timems≤100
15Velocity of rigid compositem/s3.2
16Velocity of rigiditym/s 3.4
17Mechanical lifetimes6000
18Quality of each circuit breakerkg1400

3.Product Standard and application

LW8A-40.5 type outdoor SF6 circuit breaker is an outdoor device used in AC 50HZ three-phase 40.5KV power system. It is applicable to locations that need frequent operating in rated current or under repeatedly on/off short circuit current. Containing the current transformer for measurement and protection, it can directly replace SW2-35 less oil circuit breaker and various types of oil circuit breaker with transition bracket. It can also be used as a tie breaker and switching capacitor group situations with CT14 type spring mechanism.

 Products Standards is as below:


GB/T28001-2011 idt OHSAS18001:2007

GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004

4.Product Features 

Mechanical life of more than 3000 times;

Operation frequently, each can be installed 12 current transformers;

Excellent breaking performance, short burning arc time, long life;

New type SF6 MKZ pointer type density meter, pressure gauge reading is not affected by temperature changes; 

5.Technical drawings


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