ZW8 Outdoor VCB 12KV 11KV 630A 1250A Manual Operation 50hz 60hz

ZW8 Outdoor VCB 12KV 11KV 630A 1250A Manual Operation 50hz 60hz

Foreign project is Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan and others
Tender project is acceptable
Installment team is offered if need
GB and IEC standard is available
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Product Details

1. ZW8 Outdoor VCB 12kv 11kv 630A 1250A Manual Operation Type

ZW8-12 outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is mainly used to break and close load current, over-load current and short-circuit current in outdoor 12kV three-phase alternating current 50Hz power system, also suitable for occasion with frequent operations.The product suitable for substations, industrial and mining establishments, rural power network and occasions with frequent operation to protect and control.

It is equipped with CT23 type spring energy-stored operating mechanism. Energy-stored, opening and closing can be achieved by motor or by manual.

2. Photos of ZW8 Outdoor VCB


3. Standard and environmental condition 



GB/T28001-2011 idt OHSAS18001:2007

GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004

Environmental Condition:


Ambient temperature:-30℃~ +40℃

Wind pressure:≤700Pa(equals to wind speed 34m/s)

No frequent violent vibration3000m

No frequent violent vibration

4. Technical data

No. Item  UnitData 
1 Rated voltageKV12
2Rated currentA630,1250
3Rated frequencyHZ50


Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA6.3,12.5,16,20,25
5Rated short circuit closed current(peak)KA 16,31.5,40,50,63
6Rated short-circuit withstand currentKA12.5,16,20,25
7Rated operating sequence
8Fixed operation sequence
off-0.3S-on/off-180S on/off
9Rated closing voltage of operation mechanismV110,220
10Rated opening voltage of operation mechanismV110,220
11 Mechanical lifetimes10000
12Rated insulation level(power fequency withstand voltage(dry))KV42
13Rated insulation level(lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak))KV75

 5. Highlight

Suitable for occasion with frequent operations

Energy-stored, opening and closing can be achieved by motor or by manual

6. Production line


7. FAQ

1. How to order the products?

A; Send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number. If there is no packing demand .we take  it as sea-way packing. 

2.Can I expect a quality products?

A: Yes. All our activities are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 ,both in products and services, at the same time,mature production technology  ensuring the quality satisfy international request.

3.Life span of our XG brand?

A: Generally we promise two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.

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