ZW7-40.5KV High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum circuit breaker/ circuit Interrupter

ZW7-40.5KV High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum circuit breaker/ circuit Interrupter

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Product Details

1. Description of High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum circuit breaker/ circuit Interrupter

ZW7-40.5 series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is three phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage is 40.5kV outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment , attached the spring operator or electromagnetic actuator can be well controlled electric opening and closing can also be Manual storage, manually open and close. 


GB1984-89<AC high voltage circuit breakers>; 

IEC-56<high-voltage AC circuit breakers>; 

ZW7-40.5 Type vacuum circuit breaker is mainly used for outdoor 35kV power transmission system control and protection also applies to urban and rural power distribution networks and industrial and mining enterprises in the normal operation and short circuit protection purposes. 

The overall structure of the insulator pillar product type; built vacuum interrupter type on the vase, porcelain vase for the next pillar vase. 

For frequent operation place. And has good sealing, anti-aging, high pressure, no burning, no explosion, long life, convenient installation and maintenance features.

2. Parameter Data of vacuum circuit breaker


3.Product application

height above sea level:1000m.
Air filthy degree: III degrees.

Ambient temperature:-30ºC~+40ºC
Ambient humidity:average humidity per day is no more than 95%:average humidity per month is no more than 90%.
Earthquake intensity:not exceed 8 degrees.
Saturated vapour pressure:average pressure per day is no more than 2.2kPa:average pressure per month is no more than 1.8kPa.

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