ZW10-12KV 11KV 10KV 630A 1000A 1250A Vacuum Reset Circuit Breaker 50hz 60hz  Price

ZW10-12KV 11KV 10KV 630A 1000A 1250A Vacuum Reset Circuit Breaker 50hz 60hz Price

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Product Details

1. Profile of ZW10-12KV Vacuum Reset Circuit Breaker

ZW10-12 series AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker can be used in the  AC 50Hz,  rated voltage 12kV three-phase electric net.  Break and close load,  with overload and short-circuit protection. The control and protection device for grid net.

This vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for the rural & city electric network, rail & port distribution systems and frequent operation places

2. Surrounding of ZW10-12KV Vacuum Reset Circuit Breaker

(a). Air pollution: III Class

(b). Altitude below 2000m

(c). Ambient temperature: -40ºC~+40ºC    

(d). Wind pressure ≤700Pa(Wind Speed is 34m/s)
(e). Relative diary average temperature ≤95%, monthly average≤90%  
3. Features of ZW10-12KV Vacuum Reset Circuit Breaker
(a). Small spring operation mechanism.

(b). phases posts structure, reliable breaking capacity, no burning or explosive danger, free-maintenance, small volume, long service life.

(c). Manual or electri type operation of close & open of breaker.

(d). Whole sealing structure. Vacuum arc-blowing chamber, operation systems are sealed in the case.

4. Parameter data of ZW10-12KV Vacuum Reset Circuit Breaker

Rated   Voltage


Rated   short-circuit breaking current

16KA, 20KA

Power frequency   withstand voltage(1 min)

phase,   to ground




Lightning   impulse withstand voltage

phase,   to ground




Rated   current


Rated   short-circuit CO power source(peak)

40KA,   50KA

Rated   peak withstand current

40KA,   50KA

Rated   short-circuit current breaking times

30   times

Rated   operation voltage match CT23 spring operation mechanism

breaking   & making coil: DC/AC 220V

Moving   contact admitted abrasive  thickness


Rated   Frequency


Overcurrent   release rated current


Current   transformer primary, secondary current rate(normal)

200/5,   400/5, 630/5, 1000/5, 1250/5

Average   breaking speed


Average   breaking speed


Rated   short-circuit making current(peak)

50, 63KA

Rated   operating order

O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO(electric   mechanism)

Mechanical   life

10000   times

Energy-storge   motor rated voltage

DC/AC   220V

Energy-storge   motor rated power


Energy-storge   time


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8. Question and Answer

(1). How to order?

A: Send the inquiry with your technical data or tell me your application. We can make recommendation. 

(2). What is lead time and shipment?

A: Shipment term is FOB, CIF,DDU, DDP, CIP. Lead time of products is 3-10 days, if special need, L/T is discussed case by case.

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