customized ZW7-40.5KV Automatic Circuit Recloser Switches with Operating Mechanism Price

customized ZW7-40.5KV Automatic Circuit Recloser Switches with Operating Mechanism Price

Annual sales are up to USD 5 million
Foreign project is Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan and others
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Product Details

1. ZW7-40.5KV Automatic Circuit Recloser Switches 

ZW7-40.5 current breaker is conformity with GB1984-2003 High-voltage alternating-current circuit breakers and IEC62271-100 High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers, equipped with spring operating mechanism or electromagnetic operating mechanism, with characteristics of strong breaking capacity, lower operating power and high reliability

ZW7-40.5 Outdoor high voltage alternating current vacuum circuit breaker is three-phase outdoor HV switchgear of AC 50Hz and rated voltage 40.5kV and under. Mainly used to control and protection of 35 kV power system, for breaking and making load current, overload current and short-circuit current.

National Standard: GB1984-89

International Standard: IEC56

2. Main Technical feature 

1. High performance strut type complete sealed structure.

2. Vacuum silicone filled, anti-aging and high voltage.

3. Specialized equipped CT, high accuracy, large capacity.

4. Convenient and flexible mounting structure.

5. Main technical parameters

Rated Voltage40.5 kV
Rated 1min power frequency withstand voltage95 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage185 kV
Rated frequency50 Hz
Rated current1250 - 2000A
Rated short-time withstand current20 - 31.5kA
Rated peak withstand current50 - 80kA
Rated short-circuit breaking current20 - 31.5kA 
Rated short-circuit closing breaking50 -80kA 
Duration of rated short-circuit4s 
Direct component of rated short-circuit breaking current  37kA 
Peak of transient recovery voltage (TRV)114Kv 
Rated operating sequenceO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO 
Full-break time≤100ms 
Rated cable charging breaking current50A 
Classification E2-C2-E2 (10000) 
Breaking operations of rated short-circuit breaking current 20times 


3. Service condition

1. Ambient temperature not exceed 40℃, average value measured 24h should not be over 35℃, not less than -25℃.

2. Please take the sun radiation into consideration that reaches has high as 1000W/m2.

3. Altitude not exceed 3500m.

4. Wind speed not over 34m/s (equivalent to air pressure 700Pa).

5. Vibration from external of switchgear or control equipment or ground motion can be omitted.

6. Amplitude of electromagnetic interference included in secondary system should not over 1.6kV.


4. Outline and installation dimension


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