ZW type Electrical Outdoor 1250KA vacuum Circuit Breaker  VCB China Supplier

ZW type Electrical Outdoor 1250KA vacuum Circuit Breaker VCB China Supplier

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5.Hot sales products: vacuum circuit breaker, load break switch, disconnecting switch, SF6 circuit breaker
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1. Electrical Outdoor 1250KA vacuum Circuit Breaker VCB 

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Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is three-phase ac frequency 50Hz, rated voltage of 7.2-12kV outdoor high voltage switch equipment . Circuit breaker meet the national GB1984 the high-voltage ac breaker and professional standard JB3855  and relevant IEC standard. For industrial enterprise, power plants and substation of electrical equipment for control and protection with, and rural power grid frequent operation place. Circuit breaker has repeatedly open circuit and fast reclose ability.

2. Application 

altitude does not exceed 2000m.
Wind pressure not more than 700Pa(equivalent to wind speed 34m/s)
Seismic intensity not more than eight level.

Environmental temperature: no high than 40℃, no less than -40℃.
Air relative humidity: day average no greater than 95%, on average less than 90%.
No fire, explosion, serious filthy, chemical corrosion and violent vibration of places.

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