ZN85 3 Phase indoor 40.5KV 36KV 33KV circuit Recloser/Vacumm Circuit Breaker 50hz 60hz

ZN85 3 Phase indoor 40.5KV 36KV 33KV circuit Recloser/Vacumm Circuit Breaker 50hz 60hz

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Product Details

1.Description of ZN85 3 Phase indoor 40.5KV 36kv 33kv circuit Recloser

ZN85-40.5 type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 40.5kV power system, can be used for industrial and mining enterprises, power plant and substation as opening and closing load current, overload current, fault current use. 

Circuit breaker and operating mechanism adapt the upper and lower arrangement of institutions, effectively reducing the circuit breaker depth.

2.Breakdown of Type

ZN--------Indoor vacuum circuit breaker
85--------Design No.
40.5------Rated voltage(kV)
X1--------Rated current(A)
X2--------Rated short-circuit breaking current

3.Parameter Data

1Rated voltagekV40.5
21 min power frequency withstand voltagekV95
3Lightning impulse withstand voltagekV185
4Rated frequencyHz50
5Rated currentA1250,1600,2000
6Rated short time withstand currentkA25,31.5
7Rated peak withstand currentkA63,80
8Rated short duration currents4
9Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA25,31.5
10Rated short-citcuit closing currentkA63,80
11Rated sequence of operations
12Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking timetime20
13Single capacitor bank breaking currentA630
14Back to back capacitor bank breaking currentA400
15Rated operating voltageV-100/~110, -220/~220
16Mechanical lifetime1000

4. Installment environment

height above sea level:≤1000m

Ambient temperature:-15~+40ºC.
Relative humidity:the average humidity of a day should be no more than 95%;the average humidity of a month should be no more than 90%.
It should be installed in the places without fire,explosion,serious filth, chemical erosion and violent vibration.

Saturated vapor pressure:the average pressure of a day should be no more than 2.2kPa:the  average pressure of a month should be no more than 1.8kPa.
Earthquake intensity:not exceed 8 degrees.

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