ZN28A Series Indoor AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker 24KV 12KV 1250A-2150A Price

ZN28A Series Indoor AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker 24KV 12KV 1250A-2150A Price

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Product Details

1.Description of ZN28A Series Indoor AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker 

ZN28(A)-12 series vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor high voltage switch with rated voltage 12KV, 3 phases AC 50Hz. This type circuit breaker is vacuum type, it is new style in global market.

This vacuum circuit breaker conforms to the standard GB1984-89 .

This vacuum circuit breaker can match in use with CD17,CD10A Model DC magnetic operating mechanism or CT17 and CT19 model spring energy storage operating mechanism. 

2.Parameter of ZN28A Vacuum circuit breaker

 No. Item  UnitData 
1 Rated voltageKV12
2Rated insulation voltageV42,75
3Rated currentA630,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150


Rated short-circuit close current(peak value)KA20,31.5,40
5Rated operation order
off--0.3s on and off--180S-on and off
6Rated short-circuit Breaking current timestimes30(50),20(30)
7Rated Impulse withstand voltageKA 50,80,100
84S Heat steady e.c.A
9all opened and broke timems≤100
10Mechanical life-spantimes10000
11 cumulated thickness of the moving and stationary contactmm
12Oil buffer buffers the journeymm10

3.Environmental condition

Relative humidity: daily average ≤95% , monthly average ≤90% ;

Earthquake intensity: 8 degree; 

Altitude: ≤1000m;

Ambient temperature: -25°C ~+40°C ;

It should work in occasions without flammable and explosive matter, without corrosive chemical   and frequent severe vibration.

4.Technical diagram


5. Prodcution line 


6. After service


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