VS1 Auto Vacuum Circuit Breaker 12KV 3 Phase in switchgear

VS1 Auto Vacuum Circuit Breaker 12KV 3 Phase in switchgear

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Product Details

1. VS1 12kv Auto Vacuum Circuit Breaker 

VS1 Auto Vacuum Circuit Breaker is an indoor switchgear mainly used in three-phase12KV AC50Hz power system, it’s used as protective and control unit. Due to the special advantage of vacuum circuit breaker,  it’s especially suitable for places requiring frequent operation under rated operating current or multi-time short-circuit breaking.


2. Feature and application 

  • Suitable Altitude: 1000m ~ 4000m

  • Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ +45℃

  • Relative Humidity: Daily mean ≤95%, monthly mean ≤90%

  • No conductivity dust.

  • No insulation object with devastating metal and corrosive gas.

  • No violent vibration and striking.

  • No explosive danger and fire.

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