HY1.5W 220v Type Electrical Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Price

HY1.5W 220v Type Electrical Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Price

1.GB and IEC standard is available
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Product Details

1. HY1.5W type Electrical Zinc Oxide Surge Protector/ Lightning Arrester 

Surge Arrester 

1.Rated Voltage:0.5KV
2.Rated frequency:48-62Hz

3.System rated voltage:0.38KV

4.Lightning impulse residual voltage 8/20µs:≤2.6KV

5.Continuous operating voltage:0.42KV

6.Reference voltage at 1mA d.c.:≥1.2KV 

2. Product Highlights

Reliability and excellent protection
Good anti-moisture capability, resistant to pollution. 
Long life and lightweight. 
Easy installation and maintenance. 
Good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation. 
High energy absorption ability. 

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5. FAQ

(1). How to order ?

A; Send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number. 

(2). lead time and shipping issue?

A:lead time depend on quantity of order. Usually shipped by sea, small order or urgent order.

(3)Life span of our XG brand?

Answer: Generally we promise two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.

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