YH10W-3 Low Voltage Surge Arrester/ Lightning Arrester 3KV Distribution Power Manufacturers

YH10W-3 Low Voltage Surge Arrester/ Lightning Arrester 3KV Distribution Power Manufacturers

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Product Details

1. YH10W-3 Low Voltage Surge Arrester/ Lightning Arrester 

Arrester is a kind of overvoltage protector mainly applied for the protection of various electrical appliance ( such as transformer , switch , capacitor , trap , mutual indutor , generator , motor and power cable ect ) in power system , railway electrification system and comminication system from being damaged by atmosphere overvoltage  

2. Parameter Data

typeMax system voltageRated voltage kVcontinuous voltage
  1/5 μ s steep current impulse residual voltagekVr 8/20 μ s lightning current impulse residual voltage KV30/60 μ s Switching current impulse residual voltage kVLine discharge class2ms rectenguler current impulse   A4/10 μ s high current impulse (kA)insulation standard (at IEC or ANSI) kV
IECANSI5kA10kA5kA10kA0.5kA1kA2kALightning impulse withstand voltagekVPower frequency withstand voltagekV

3. Product advantage of Low Voltage Surge Arrester

(1).Small in size , light in weight,durable in collision,clash and breakage free in transportation,easy in installation , suitable for application in the switchboard .

(2).Long creepage distance,good hydrophobicity performance,strong pollution,resistance abilities,and stable performance,reducibe in operation maintenance

(3).Special structure,integrated extruding shaping,whithout air gap,good sealing performance,damp prevention and explosion prevention 

4. Qualification


5. Service promise


 6. FAQ

(1).    Payment option: T/T, L/C, western union and money order all are acceptable

(2).    Shipment choice:  By air, by sea or by express (like DHL,FEDEX ….)

(3).    After service: Two years warranty in quality

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