YH5W 20KV 22KV 24KV 25KV Surge Arrester/lightning Arrester

YH5W 20KV 22KV 24KV 25KV Surge Arrester/lightning Arrester

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Product Details

1. 2017 new arrival of YH5W 20KV 22KV 24KV 25KV Surge Arrester/lightning Arrester 

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2. Strength of lightning arrester

(1). Designed for overhead distribution Line Protection, Substation & Transformer Protection.  
(2). Lightning arrester technology & MOV Technology (Metal Oxide Varistor).  
(3). High current rating & High insulation resistance.  
(4). Superior protective and stable protective performance over lie.  
(5). Superior anti-contamination characteristics.  
(6). High Quality HTV Silicone Rubber for the sheds/housing of arrester.  
(7).Standard size, good compactness & light weight.  

3. Standard of lightning arrester:

(1). IEC, GB and other international standards are applicable.  

(2). The color is Grey generally; red or white as well as other colors are available.  
(3). OEM is accessible to us, or we design and produce per drawings & specifications.

4. Product Type of lightning arrester

Rated VoltagekV3691011121518212427303336
Normal discharge currentkA55555555555555
Maximum continuous operating voltagekV2.555.107.658.409.3510.2012.7015.3017.0019.5022.0024.4026.7029.00
Lighting impule 8/20 μ SkV8.617.225.828.531.434.443.047.557.066.576.083.795.0104.5
Steep current impulse 1/10 μ SkV9.919.829.732.836.139.649.554.665.576.487.496.2109.2125.2
Switching impulse 30/60 μ SkV7.314.621.924.226.729.236.540.348.456.564.671.180.788.8
2ms rectangular current withstandA100100100100100100100100100100100100100100
4-10 μ S high current impulse withstandkA5555555555555555555555555555
Lighting impulsekV406065758595105120125135155170185190
Power frequenuc(wet)kV2025303040405055586065707585
Creepage distancemm169235301301367367433499565631697763829900
Mechanical section length(Drawing H)mm110135160160185185210235260285310335360385
Shed numberpcs 234455678910111213

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