YH5W-11 Polymer Housed Meta -Oxide (ZnO) Surge Arrester 11KV

YH5W-11 Polymer Housed Meta -Oxide (ZnO) Surge Arrester 11KV

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Product Details

1. YH5W-11 Polymer Housed Meta -Oxide Surge Arrester

The design and test of zinx oxide lightning arrester is complied full with IEC99-4.

2. Sevice conditions of Meta -Oxide Surge Arrester

(a) Ambient air temperature within the range of -55°C to +50°C.

(b) Power frequency voltage applied continuous between the teminals of the arrester not exceeding its continuous operating voltage.

(c) Altitude not exceeding 2000m.

(d) Maximum wind speed not exceeding 35m/s.

(e) Earthquake intensity not exceeding 8 degrees.

 3. Product advantages of Meta -Oxide Surge Arrester

Long protection distance;
High energy input capacity;
Stable U-I characteristics even after multiple strokes;
Explosion and shatter-resistant design;
Pollution resistant and UV-stable;
Housing resistant to rough handling;
Stable against shock and vibration;
High mechanical resistance;

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